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FG Should Issue Strong Statement Against US, Trump - Sagay

Prof. Itse Sagay ( SAN), Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption ( PACAC) has advised the Federal Government to issue a strong statement to the United States on the alleged statement by US President, Donald Trump describing President Muhammadu Buhari, who was his visitor at the White House in April, as lifeless.

Sagay, who spoke in telephone chat with Daily Independent from the United States on Wednesday, said the Nigerian government should prove to the world that it will not accept disrespect from anyone especially to its president.

According to Sagay, while he is not surprised about the personality of Trump who is noted for making unguarded statements, it baffles him that he could use such an uncomplimentary remark about President Buhari whom he praised and commended for the giant strides his government had recorded since coming to office during the visit to the White House.

Describing Trump as a man who is totally out of control, he said “it is absolutely incredible for one Head of State to make uncomplimentary remarks about another”.

“It is absolutely incredible for one Head of State to say anything derogatory about another but if you look at Trump’s record, he has been totally unguarded in his utterances. He has made derogatory statement without regards for the consequences or the correctness of the statement. So, one will not be too surprised.

I am only surprised that he could say it about our President who visited him and he ( Trump) made very positive statements about his government and also showed so much goodwill to him as a person.

“So, i won’t be surprised because he is a man who is out of control and says things which gravity he doesn’t appreciate.

“I think he should be ignored. When a small child or a senseless person says something, nobody takes him serious”

“But if our government believes that it is true that he actually said so, they should issue a strong statement in response to show that Nigeria will not brook any disrespect from anybody especially to our President” he said

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