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[FULL LIST] UEFA Announces 2017-2018 Champions League Awards Shortlist

UEFA have announced the shortlist of players for the 2017-18 Champions League Awards.

(1) UEFA's Best Forward Shortlist:

- Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus)

  - Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

 - Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

(2) UEFA's Best Midfielder Shortlist:

Luka Modric (Real Madrid) 

- Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) 

- Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) 

(3) UEFA's Best Defender Shortlist:  

- Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) 

- Marcelo (Real Madrid) 

- Rapheal Varane (Real Madrid) 

(4) UEFA's Best Goalkeeper Shortlist:

 - Alisson Becker (Liverpool) 

- Keylor Navas (Real Madrid)

  - Gianluigi Buffon (PSG)  

 The winners will be announced during the 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League group stage draw in Monaco on August 30.


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