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See How US welcomes The Remains Of Soldiers Who Died 68 Years Ago In Korea War

Dozens of cases believed to contain the remains of missing American soldiers who died during the Korean War have finally returned to US soil.

In an emotional and solemn ceremony, Vice President Mike Pence welcomed the remains of the presumed casualties on Wednesday after they were flown from South Korea.

American flags were draped over the 55 cases as they arrived in Hawaii and were escorted off an aircraft by military honor guards.'Some have called the Korean War the 'forgotten war.'But today, we prove these heroes were never forgotten,' Pence said at the ceremony.

'Today, our boys are coming home.

'Each of the 55 containers was accompanied by one Marine, one sailor, one soldier and one airman. 

They set them gently on risers lined up inside the hangar as Pence stood watching with his hand over his heart.


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