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Shocking Photos Of Couple filmed having sex at a restaurant while awaiting their order

A randy couple filmed having sex at a restaurant while awaiting their order, have gone viral on twitter after the video hit the social media platform. The couple were captured while being served late-night burgers at McDonald’s.

The raunchy clip, which is believed that have been filmed at a branch in Italy, was shared to titter  and immediately went viral. The video, shot by a fellow customer shows the man standing close behind his girlfriend with her dress pulled up around her waist, exposing her bare bottom. As the burgers and fries are delivered, the pair begin rubbing up against each other.

Once the food arrives, the man stops grinding against the woman and she quickly pulls down her dress. This is just coming a day after another couple in Russia, while on the train, made an attempt to have sex in the glaring view of other passengers in the carriage. It took the intervention of an old pensioner on the train for the couple to desist from their public display of shame.

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