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APGA Screens Ifeanyi Ubah Out Of Senatorial Race For Anambra South

All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA disqualified the capital oil Boss on bases of the waiver granted to him by the party

This is following series of conspiracies and revelations about an agreed arrangements planned by both the governor of Anambra state and a host of Anambra elites

The party also disqualified Chinedu Ekwealor who is the only challenger against Prince Chinedu Emeka for Anambra north senatorial zone.

Chinedu Emeka is the most powerful aide to the governor and has been hailed to be behind the uncountable numbers of SAs to the governor in the state

As at the moment of obtaining this proof, no reaction has been noticed in any of the camps nevertheless one of the cleared aspirants. Son of Nigerian Republican Aviation Minister reacted to the leaked voice record which since heated the process,

In his words,

Many people have spoken for or clagainst the release of the recording.

First let me get these out of the way
A. I do not want to believe that Ifeanyi Ubah released that recording.
B. If he did it was ill advised and a blunder of monumental proportions.

I say it is wrong to record a conversation with another without first warning the person that his speech is being recorded. In fact in some jurisdictions it is criminal.

That said, assuming the Governor agreed that Ifeanyi Ubah will go to the Senate, I want to believe that he has not gone back on his words for the following reasons:
1. I did not hear the Governor tell Ifeanyi that he will go to the Senate unopposed.
2. The Governor cannot stop others from vying for the same seat
3. The Governor is an individual and can support Ifeanyi but that cannot guaranty safe passage for Ifeanyi because others like me will contest.
4. Ifeanyi ought to know that the Governor cannot decree a party ticket in a democracy even the Governor went to primaries screening etc
5. I did not hear that the party Chairman was a party to that discussion and he is the one man who signs the list of candidates together with the Secretary.

I want to believe that at best Governor promised him support but not a guarantee that he will win. It is just beyond me that someone will actually act on such statement to believe that he has an automatic ticket.

I believe that Ifeanyi Ubah knows that no one can give him an automatic ticket and that he is as ready as I am for the primaries.

All in all I am still alarmed that someone exercised that level of indiscretion to publish such recording.

Ikenna Mbazulike-Amechi
APGA Senatorial Aspirant
Anambra South.

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