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Atiku: I Don't Smoke, I Don't Drink, I Stopped Womanizing; I'm Romantic

The PDP presidential candidate was asked an interesting question.

Get Nigeria Working Again... #GNWA , A Youth focused campaign to support the Presidential Campaign of Atiku Abubakar shared this very interesting and funny video on instagram.

'I'm about to ask you a very funny question now, you know Africans always say, if a man does not smoke, he will drink and if he doesn't drink, he will womanize, which of the 3 do you do?'

Atiku's honest response:

'I don't smoke, I don't drink, I have stopped womanizing'

The lady interviewing him bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

Interviewer: Would you describe yourself as a romantic person? You know your wives would know better, would you say that you have a bit of romance in you?

Atiku: 'Yes I believe I have because I don't get shy kissing them in public, hugging them, you know parting them. I believe that is romantic enough...'

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