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Paul Pogba Wears New Haircut, Fans React

Manchester United fans have slammed midfielder Paul Pogba for his new haircut.

The France International is well known for his extravagant and audacious hair styles, but during the international break he showed off a new one.

And now he has gotten another haircut in less than three weeks, which fans ain't happy about.

Following United's 2-2 draw at Chelsea on Saturday, Pogba posted pictures of his new haircut on social media.

The midfielder has gone for a geometric stripe design on one side of his head andstars on the other.

And fans were quick to criticise the Frenchman.

“Best players don't play with their hairs !! they play football. they not kids!” one fan wrote.

"focus on the pitch, you idiot," @khalidjabar wrote.

Another said: “You are a joke bro.”

“@paulpogba first learn how to play football then receive a good haircut,” a third fan wrote.

And if you ask me, I had say the haircut is 100% dope but very unnecessary lol.

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