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Real Reason Why Atiku Did Not Consult SE Governors Before Picking Peter Obi

Simple: The governors betrayed Atiku. They had agreement months before primaries that if the delegates they controlled voted for him/Atiku, he will pick Soludo as VP, proposed by the governors. Guess what? Atiku found out that the delegates they controlled mostly voted for Tambuwal, reneging on their agreement.

So Atiku winning with delegates not controlled by the governors, decided to work with those Igbo leaders responsible for those delegates voting for him. These leaders, along with SS leaders, adopted Peter Obi.

These governors are charlatans, they want to eat their cake and have it too. They know what they did but now forming betrayal!

Also, not connected with the agreement, Atiku did not want a VP controlled by special interest or outside forces that will cause problem between him and his VP in the future. He wants a man with his own mind, political clout and with no godfathers! A man just like himself with success in business, strong financial war chest and served in government at various levels. Also Atiku has known Obi for years, worked with him, even at banking level for his business.

Let's your your view too about this, kindly comment below....

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