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Google Appreciates Tychzoe, others for successful Africa Code Week

My name is Okare Shaba, a tech professional, passionate teacher and founder of Tych Zoe Global Network Limited. I have been off the radar for a while now working tirelessly with my team towards Digital Literary to the African child and making it as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

Tychzoe recently was awarded a Google grant to facilitate the African Code week with other tech initiatives across Nigeria and Africa and the team worked tirelessly and with unbelievable dedication to make it work.

We came up with various strategies to ensure that we reached the largest, most diverse population that we could and ensure that the experience was one the children would remember for all ages. Now it would seem that validation for all that hardwork would come in the fact that we are prominently featured on the home page of Google's and Africa Code Week's social media pages.

On the 31st August, 2018, We were announced as one of the benefiaries of the Google Micro-Grant for this years and my team and I got to work, I was assisted by Peter co-founder @webcoupers to come out with social media strategies and designs for the concepts we had in mind. Odion Olenloa proved himself a worthy and capable lieutenant as he coordinated the program while Ugo Iroka remained as ever, the 'spark that makes our ideas bright' as he creatively directed our concepts. The whole team worked with great cohesion such that the lines between management, staff and volunteer was greatly blurred. 

Over 15 Schools were impacted in just 2 weeks, my team worked tirelessly in sun and rain

One of our Concept is now the Homepage Banner of Africa Code Week. Link

Today, 20th December, Google published a post of the outcome of this years initiative, In Africa, among the total 53 organizations and grassroots groups across 11 countries. Over 107,000 students were able to explore computer science through a variety of fun and interactive workshops. 

TychZoe proved herself a leader not only in Nigeria but in entire African region as we were able to train almost 1000 children cutting across different demographics, gender and social status. 

The experience was incredible for everyone concerned and our sincere appreciation goes to Google for their commitment towards making this world of ours, a better place through exercises like this. We remain committed to our mission to train 1 million African kids in digital skills and we look forward to partnering with more well meaning brands in 2019 to ensure that African kids become fluent in the tech language. 

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